Author: hayden

I am currently a student at Arizona State University. I am studying journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications in hopes of becoming a travel journalist.

What’s in Subway’s bread?

mini peach tarts made by cookery for oneWhen I can’t eat food, I enjoy reading about it and looking at it.  This week I learned some things, good and bad. I’ve now saved some recipes I want to make. Plus, I learned that Subway was even more disgusting than I thought. (I refuse to eat there.) Here are this week’s links.  (more…)


Bacon, carrot and tomato pasta

bacon, carrot, tomato pastaBacon. Carrots. Noodles.

Cravings. I hate them, and yet I just can’t ignore them. Sometimes it leads to weird food combinations that try. I considered cooking all three separately, but decided that’d be a little strange. (more…)

Food sites I’m loving

Salted pumpkin caramels I made off of Food52.Food blogs and websites are probably the best things that have happened since sliced bread.

But really, I love them.

I can go to Google and type in what I’m craving and someone somewhere has made dinner with me in mind. I thought I’d share some of the blogs and websites I’ve been visiting lately.


Rice and beans

fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro and jalapeno top beans and riceI’m one of those people who craves spicy foods, a lot. While at school at Arizona State, my friends and I would eat at a little place in Downtown Phoenix called the Cafe at the Phoenix Public Market. Here I would always get the same thing – the beans and rice. (more…)

Startin’ easy

two brown organic eggs in a white bowlLet’s start out with something that is considered the most important meal of the day by the masses. (Not I, and apparently John Berardi, Ph.D. has some reasons I might kind of be right.) That’s right, breakfast.