What’s in Subway’s bread?

mini peach tarts made by cookery for oneWhen I can’t eat food, I enjoy reading about it and looking at it.  This week I learned some things, good and bad. I’ve now saved some recipes I want to make. Plus, I learned that Subway was even more disgusting than I thought. (I refuse to eat there.) Here are this week’s links. 

1. Subway used to put azodicarbonamide in their bread, which can be found in yoga mats and shoe soles. Just think about that for a second…
2. My friend Newlin sent me this recipe for gooey caramel stuffed soft gingerbread cookies from Fabtastic Eats.
3. These salted dark chocolate truffle cookies are a must-make, but I’ll probably do it without the sprinkles. (From How Sweet It Is)
4. Now, you’re thinking I only eat sweets. It’s true, but these look pretty good too. Charred tomatoes with fried eggs on garlic toast
5. For the dream kitchen: Viking has customizable oven doors. You can play with colors here.


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